Rival Crock Pot: The King of Slow Cookers and Crock Pots

How the Rival Crock Pot completely changed the way a nation cooks forty years ago is a saga that’s too good to be true. Why don’t you let grandma validate the veracity of this claim and get some kind of a confirmation from mom? She must have been assigned some cooking chores in her teens and can somehow recall how one sensational cooking appliance rocked the world with one stroke of advertising genius on television. Or she herself may have been amazed at how heavenly the taste of the beef stew that was slow-cooked in a Rival Crock Pot was.


Image how a nation of fast workers — always in a rush to get things done as soon as possible – can be enthralled, all of a sudden, by a slow poke of a crock pot?


But slow cooking has long been famous for the use of clay pots in Chinese, or even in German, cuisine. Gourmet foods in the oriental centers of gastronomical delights are slow cooked. The clay pots are immersed in water for some time to absorb moisture. Then the ingredients, like meat of any kind together with the spices, are arranged in the unglazed clay pot to be placed inside an oven with a low temperature. After several hours, the dish is served as a gourmet’s delight.


It is basically the same technique for a Rival Crack Pot, but cooking time is now available in four programmable modes. Just select one of the four automatic time settings of 2, 4, 6 or 8 hours then choose low or high temperature; and that’s it! When the time is up, the slow cooker automatically switches to warm mode to make sure you’re going to enjoy a warm dish. No need for alarm clocks to alert you of the time. Nor do you have to be around to switch it to warm mode. How on earth would you know how long it would take to slow cook a dish?


You’ve been used to rushing things with a pressure cooker and would be familiar, by now, of the time required for each type of meat to get tender. Slow cooking is the other way around; but you don’t have to show that look of desperation. The Rival Crack Pot instruction book comes with a collection of mouth-watering recipes; but don’t get too excited. Read the directions carefully and always fill the stoneware half to three-quarters full. This will prevent your dish from over- or under-cooking. There are other instructions that you should comply with concerning the ingredients, assembly and other cooking instructions down to the letter.


The ease, speed and uncomplicated manner of setting up the cooking time is a lot simpler than fully programmable slow cookers. Without the button to set the timer, you can program with lesser opportunity to commit an error. The Rival Crack Pot stands to be the best option among a basic, manual and a fully programmable model.


After several times of getting acquainted with the rudiments of slow cooking, you are now in a better position to make some adjustments in the ingredients, temperature and cooking time. You can also try the Hamilton Beach Crock Pot and try its thermometer probe mode that has claimed to take away the guesswork from slow cooking large cuts of meat. You can also ask your neighbor how she is getting along with her newly acquired Cuisinart Crock Pot and its precise 24-hour LCD timer. Or you could also find out more about the West Bend Crock Pot that’s said to feature a wider range of settings.


It’s easy to see how programmable slow cookers can do the cooking while you’re somewhere earning money, attending mass, shopping perhaps, or simply having a ball at the theme park with your family. That’s why brands like Cuisinart Crock Pot, Hamilton Beach Crock Pot and Bend Crock Pot are getting inroads into the market. Make sure, however, to position your crock pot in a safe spot, way beyond the reach of your little kids, especially while you’re away. A spill could be fatal with the near boiling temperatures you’re cooking the food at.


For sure, you are now finally convinced that Rival Crock Pot indeed changed the way we cook. And how!