Why The All American Pressure Canner Is Tops!

If you haven’t got one yet, look at the many great things you’re missing out by not having the All American Pressure Canner.


  • Great taste of good food in just minutes, right in the comfort of your own home. You don’t have to scout around for cook books to get you started. Dozens of award-winning recipes come along with the accompanying instruction manual.


  • Cans and preserves the natural taste of food you want to store –- fast and without any hassle. That should give you enough stock of ready-to-heat and -eat of your favorite dishes to help you out during emergencies. Or when you suddenly get indisposed to cook. And, of course, you get a lot of savings from excess veggies from your garden that would have gone to waste.


  • A-1, enduring, and lasting performance! Its Herculean construction guarantees industrial strength for decades of daily grueling grind. Indestructible? Not so sure about that. But testimonies of long-time users are all in agreement to the pressure canner’s heavy-duty construction. Would you believe that many of these satisfied owners of this wonderful device look forward to a 30-year partnership with their All American Pressure Canner?


  • Blowouts? Never! Not a single unit of All American Pressure Canner can be like some other brands which are vulnerable to jamming. When a pressure canner clogs, you know that a blowout is imminent from over-pressure. That could kill — or burn; and that’s a frightening hazard that you should pre-empt with the right pressure canner. Some can’t get over some deep-seated fears about these dangers from the use of pressure canners. You can consign your worries to the winds with the extra safety features of this particular brand. Unlike the few standard number of locking clamps in other brands, this outstanding pressure canner has six. In the event that the screws are released, do not get intimidated. There are three sturdy locking hooks to stop the lid from blowing off. It also features an automatic overpressure release system to guarantee a 100% no-blowouts device.


  • You know what makes its operation almost foolproof? The reliable weighted pressure gauge is second to none. It allows accurate visual check of the ongoing processing. But what really makes it so user-friendly is the simplified, easy-to-follow instruction manual. It never fails to give tips on safety. And the crucial instructions for you to focus on are highlighted, too.


  • Use of precision-machined metal-to-metal sealing system completely makes the use of gaskets moot and academic. Gaskets that get worn out from wear and tear are big headaches with other brands. No need to throw $20 for replacement gaskets every time the unit bogs down from gasket problems. The unique sealing system also makes sure that the pressure is faster to build up.
  • 6 sizes of All American Pressure Canner for different capacity needs. That means that the smallest model can serve a small family; while the biggest model can cater to a large clan or to an army, for that matter.


  • Easy to obtain replacement parts. With the astounding popularity of All American Pressure Canner on a national scale, there is no place in the country where you can’t find the parts you need. Ordering online can also be a breeze, with such a large number of dealers scattered all over. This popular brand has been in the market for so long, thus, that alone can assure you that you will never have any problems when it comes to replacement parts. Besides, the sturdy parts of this kitchen wizard can last years before they require a replacement. You will indeed be saving a lot of money by going this route.


The All American Pressure Cooker is simply as efficient and effective as the All American Pressure Canner, if you are just interested in a pressure cooker. Or you can try to compare it with the Mirro Pressure Cooker. Also making waves these days are Presto Pressure Canners.

There can be no harm looking around for other pressure canners that may have other features that you don’t find in your favorite device. Mirro Pressure Cooker boasts of its being lightweight, manageable and affordable, although its concave base makes it unsuitable for flat stoves. On the other hand, Presto Pressure Canners are said to provide steam and vapors to the food inside the composed vessel space, making cooking faster.


In spite of all the competitor brands trying to get a share of the market, the All American Pressure Canner can hold its ground as the market leader with a comfortable lead. You just can’t put a superior product down!